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Hayley's Vegemania Garden

Medical research has conclusively proven and we are now all aware that consuming 3-5 servings of vegetables leads to optimal health. Vegetables play a pivotal role in the prevention of disease, weight management and promoting healthy brain development in children. Vivacious Hayley and her friends in this book take a magical and wondrous journey through Vegemania Garden.

It is a roller coaster journey of learning and is packed with a healthy dose of fun and frivolity. Through her adventures Hayley, this lively and spirited little girl will become a trusted guide and friend to many thousands of children as she educates and captivates the imaginations of children the world over.

Hayley will be an agent of change, transforming the dietary habits of children from the earliest age and through her we will witness the delight that results from healthy and happy children as they traverse into adulthood well equipped for success in all their endeavors.