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The recipe section is split into various sub sections which include juices and smoothies, starters and salads, main courses and desserts. It is therefore possible using this book to prepare a complete three or four course meal following the simple and straightforward instructions.

Whilst the original book is presented with hardcover as it is meant to be a reference and coffee table book we have now produced a simplified version of the book with soft cover, entitled Fruitastic! Malaysia. It is an ideal gift and souvenir for tourists and Malaysians alike and it promotes the country, highlights the natural beauty and the treasures springing from our fertile land. This version is perfect as a gift to foreign dignitaries and honoured guests to our country.

Fruitastic as the name implies is essentially a book dedicated to fruits. It is conveniently split into 2 sections, the first being the informative section with pictures of over 40 fruits and pertinent information about these fruits. The second section is the recipe section wherein there are innovative and creative preparations, all of which utilise fruits as the main ingredient.