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20th May 2013:

Myanmar: Cuisine, Culture & Customs won Gourmand Best in World for Best Asian Cuisine Book.
Award Photo

19th May 2012:

Hayley’s Fruitastic Garden won Honorable mention in the children’s category at the 2012 Green Book Festival.
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Fruitastic is the creation of Mohana Gill and was conceived in 2004. From the beginning, Mohana had envisioned Fruitastic! as an integrated lifestyle and wellness concept that would transcend her book and would one day, offer people lifestyle choices based on the maxim of healthy living, wellness and longevity.

Driven by this vision and a strong passion for healthy living, Mohana Gill began to research and develop recipes to inspire in people delicious green living. Fruitastic! and Vegemania were two written works where Mohana set to share her knowledge through creative recipes.

Inspired by her granddaughter, she then wrote two children's books called Hayley's Fruitastic Garden and Hayley's Vegemania Garden in 2011. These books were meant to educate children about the benefits of fruits and vegetables through fun storytelling and cultivate healthy eating through easy recipes.

Her most recent book, strikes a more personal note. Having grown up in Myanmar, Mohana has always dreamt of sharing the beauty of Myanmar, its culture and cuisine with the world. The book Myanmar: Cuisine, Culture and Customs transports readers to the real Myanmar and shares its distinctive customs alongside by scrumptious recipes of local delicacies.