Welcome to Fruitastic!™

Juice Bar to encourage a healthier diet.

Author of Fruitastic!, Vegemania and Fruitastic Malaysia, Mohana Gill has opened her first Fruitastic! Express outlet at the Assunta Hospital in Petaling Jaya. Gill’s mission: to educate the public about the health benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables.

She is particularly concerned about children’s eating habits. “Instead of giving them water or juice to quench their thirst, i see parents simply buying their children sweet carbonated drinks," she says. “lf we don’t inculcate good eating habits from now the next generation is going to end up with all sorts of health problems.” To tempt young eaters, Mohana will soon be serving cups of mixed fruits drizzled with a little chocolate sauce.

A counter displays freshly cut fruits, ranging from honey dew and papaya to more exotic pomegranate and red dragon fruit. The fruits are bought every morning from the Selayang market and any unsold at the end of the day are sold off cheaply.

The single fruit juices (RM4.5-RM5) have a twist to each: the orange juice includes a little zest, the green apple is enhanced with cinnamon and the watermelon surprise is perked up with mint and ginger.

The juices are prepared so as to retain the most nutritional value: the watermelon juice is extracted from the flesh and white rind, as according to Mohana, 90% of the fruifs nutrients are in its rind. Neither water nor sugar is added; ice is added upon request.

The pure fruit smoothies (RM7) are made with whole fruit. The specialty is the Bumbung, a tangy-sweet blend of pineapple and Rozell syrup. Light salads are also available. Fruitastic! Express delivers to hospital rooms with a call. lt is open daily from 9am to 9pm.

Gill plans to open more Fruitastic! Express outlets at schools and hospitals.